Word of the day is trespass: to make an unwarranted or uninvited incursion (an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one).I say this word all the time because of the Lord’s Prayer, but last night as I was praying I decided to really look into the word. When I saw the definition especially including the word incursion(a word I wanted to define as well) I saw the power of this word, especially for my situation.

Living life we have a lot we can be offended by, daily. And the attacks via keyboard warriors are at an all-time high. I’ll admit back on Beyonce’s internet in 2010-2015, I was a keyboard battler. I would come at any and everyone and that carried over to real life. I did not want my words to be misconstrued or for people to “get away” with anything. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve calmed down tremendously, but there are a few areas I do not play about and that is my children and my husband. So when things happen to them…it can be very hard to forgive a trespass.

Now remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean you don’t purse justice or consequences (if that is what you want), it means to attempt to release some anger and the need to control the outcome.There is a person in my life…who honestly annoys me to my core. The offenses from this person have been numerous and because of my situation I can’t completely remove myself like I would normally. When I even hear this person’s name…I get angry. I’ve wanted to have a conversation for a long time about some incidents, but this person refuses to discuss anything with me..and has for years. So things have just piled on. The pandemic gave me a brief reprieve and I didn’t see them for almost two years 🙌🏽 but…here we are back in each other’s presence. It’s hard for me to be cordial so I usually say nothing, but on the inside…oh the conversation is being HAD. It’s pointless and that’s what I felt God telling me. Renee’, let it go. You can’t remove this person. You can’t change this person and confrontation would make the situation worse. Forgive the trespasser. Forgive and seek peace in your heart…because more than likely…she isn’t feeling a THING. Even if she is…guess what, that’s not my business.

The satisfaction of telling your side would do what? Especially if this person has time and time again shown you they do not care about you, your feelings or your thoughts. The disrespect IS the answer. The disregard IS the answer. So you/(I) will never get the desired resolution.

Release them and yourself.

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