Oh, hello I haven’t forgotten you….

Hey guys!!! I am still here! I’ve been busy building up my other page . But I wanted to hop on here and say, please follow your dream(s). I have been working hard on my coaching business and Saturday, September 25, a photoshoot took place that changed my life. I was led to create a contest that centers on self-care. I knew I wanted to work with women to get this off the ground…so I hired a photographer, makeup artist and stylist/protect manager to help make my vision a reality.

photo cred- Desiree Danielle Photography

This concept had been floating around my head for a minute, but…I wasn’t sure I could pull it off…but I didn’t have to. God literally put this on my heart and when I say (as the ol’ folks say) He fixed it sweet, he really did. I know we are still in a pandemic. I know Uncle Biden hasn’t deleted student loan debt and I know summer is ending mean colder shorter days are on the way. But ..still find your joy. Find and cultivate your peace and blend in your passion.

today is as good a day as any!

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