Pivoting With Purpose

For several years this blog has served a purpose of me highlighting other business women and entrepreneurs….now, it is my turn.

I started Pivoting with Purpose, a wellness agency that seeks to eradicate the Superwoman Complex in women. Meaning empowering women to know they are enough and center their voices and experiences. So far, I’ve created affirmation cards (on sale at the website), taught a course (Burnt Out Black Woman), completed Self-care Isn’t Selfish Contest and now doing a self-forgiveness and self-compassion journey.

I’ve learned a great deal about who I am and how I want to show up in this world. I know how giddy I get from seeing the lightbulb of hope ignite in my client’s eyes. It’s something that has kept me in the non profit sector for well over a decade. There is nothing like seeing someone begin to really see themselves and the power that they hold.

If you were looking for a sign to follow your dreams…this is it. You are prepared, you have the experiential knowledge and whatever you feel you lack, you can learn. Don’t be afraid to step out.

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