Baby Momma

Hello!!! I’m absolutely giddy today, a memory popped up in my Timehop app and it was a sweet reminder of how far I’ve come.

Eleven years ago, we celebrated the impending arrival of Daniel. I was a baby momma. Yep, unmarried and not with his biological father. I remember when I first found out he was on the way, I had all the first time parent jitters coupled with the fear of judgement I was sure to come. But…the bigger my belly grew the less I cared what anyone else thought. I knew that I would give this baby my very best while I trusted God to work out all the rest. And…I don’t even recognize my life eleven years later.

It’s not been easy but my baby has grown into a really incredible kid. He graduates from 5th grade this week and will be giving his class speech❤️💗. He’s overcome alot to be where he is and I couldn’t be more proud of my guy. It’s a reminder that things can change. You can find peace and happiness even in storms of your own creation. I’ve had more sunshine than rain.

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