Mommy, My heart is beating

Everyday, usually at least two times a day my youngest Darren, Jr., will excitedly squeal: “Mommy, I can feel my heart beating”. And every time I respond that’s great baby, it means you’re alive! I started thinking the other day how amazing it is that he’s excited everyday to feel his heart beating.

It’s been beating almost 4 years yet everyday he is thrilled to know it’s still beating. What a wonderful metaphor for how we should love life. He loves to feel his heart beating and doesn’t take it for granted.

Darren’s pregnancy and birth were not run of the mill. My pregnancy was plagued with hyperemesis gravidarum and when he was born he was taken via emergency c-section. He was not breathing when he came out and there was some concern that he may have had brain damage due to lack of oxygen. So arriving safely and whole is a particularly big deal for him.

I too, am excited to hear and feel his little heart beat. Truthfully the baby nicknamed Boss Baby, is the heartbeat of our family. He’s naturally funny and curious and completed our family. His announcement and arrival were all things wonder since I had no clue what God was doing. Lol. I had just started a new job 5 weeks before I knew of his arrival. 2016-2017 were supposed to be about me and all the plans I had previously halted due to having Lennon just 2 years prior. So Darren’s arrival and then the illness through me for a loop.

Needless to say, he has taught me to not to take things for granted, just like Covid has done over the past year. Yet, we still get lulled into complacency. I’ve decided to look upon each day, smile at God and say my heart is beating. Meaning purpose is still possible.

I have an announcement to make about purpose in my next blog…but until then I want to celebrate my heart beating and the breath in my body.

So if your heart is beating today you too, can still fulfill your purpose and dream💗

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