Are you worth it?

What do you feel your worth is? I mean, if you had to throw out a figure?

There’s been times over the past few weeks where I’ve tried to play small, I just didn’t “feel” like I had the authority to say or do certain things. I had a meeting with my mentor and he said ” feelings are not reliable guides”. He would ask me a question and I would rebut with I feel…and he simply would state that sentence over again. I’ve always been an overachiever I care a whole lot,about a whole lot…yet somehow even that at times doesn’t feel like enough. If I do one thing, I pick up three more things…again none of those things are bad. They just keep me from having an empty plate. Who would I be in the silence of it all? I’m not sure because I’ve always hit the ground running. The challenge that I am seeing is that maybe I am not supposed to be running all the time. If I’m running I can’t hear what He has to say. My worth and my value was calculated and formulated eons before I took my first breath.

This week will you breathe with me❤️

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