Oh, hello there

Hey all!!!

February was super busy. I mentioned back in Decemeber that I had some news regarding Yes…I Have A Therapist and I FINALLY can share! My bestie/ co-founder and I were selected to participate in an accelerator program through the organization called Bronze Valley This journey was intense, a four-week, to getting your ideas firmed up and present to a live zoom audience.

I’m also taking five classes and a Fellow, so it’s been intense. I really felt like February was my month! I crushed my career and educational goals and managed to also keep up with my health and wellness goals as well.

March started out rocky. I had a group assignment go awry and it just really set a bad tone for me. This week I’ve had to fight through a lot, but here I ammmmmm.

I wanted to encourage you with something my mentor said, every journey ends…

Meaning a mountaintop doesn’t last always, but neither will a valley. As I see my week in the valley, I’m committed to getting my thought life aligned with where God has shown me I need to go.

Are you currently in a valley or a mountaintop?

7 thoughts on “Oh, hello there

  1. I sometimes feel I am climbing up the mountain but get stuck. I have been journaling, trying to face fears, trying to improve self-care, develop my relationship with God more and focus on new goals that are arising in my heart.


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