I’m on a 30 day journey before 34!!!!

Hello Loves!!

We have done it we are at the end of the year. By we I mean the Grace of God because this year….has been tough.

With that being said, my birthday is in 29 days! I will be 34 and this year has really made me more myself. I’m very, very proud of me for doing the work! I still have some work today so I’ve committed to journaling again and reading inspirational books.

I’m also reading a book written by my pastor and a woman I truly respect. You can purchase here. These along with a new Bible are going to be my go tos this month. I have some questions I need answers to and that means I need to ask the One who has the answers.

My first question is- what’s next?

Stay tuned as I walk into some new revelations❤️

What are some questions you have about your life? How are you seeking answers to those questions?

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