Being a decent person

Hello Loves!

As I stated in my last blog I am on a spiritual journey. I take these about three to four times a year and as you know my birthday being at the end of the year is a great place for reflection.

As I’ve been reading my spiritual books and my Bible, I’ve definitely felt more at peace. I’ve also felt like I’m getting answers to some of my deepest sought after questions. When speaking to my spiritual mentor she told me the answers will come. Instead of focusing on all areas that were bringing me confusion, focus on the One who has all the answers and trust God to lead the way. She had me write down answers will come, I had it (and still have it) on my desk. When anxiety would push a different narrative I would look at my index card and say: answers will come.

And one answer did come. I cant speak on it just yet but it is dealing with Yes, I Have A Therapist and I can’t wait to share the news!

With all this soul searching I’ve been doing, I’ve also found myself greatly disturbed by social media interactions. As you know, I’ve been a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta junkie for a while, but I’ve always seen that as entertainment, not truly their lives. I’ve also never felt the need to comment on their comings and goings outside of the occasional “giiiiiiirl, did you see” with a few of my besties. With that said, I’ve seen more and more people making comments that I think: 1) wouldn’t be said directly to the person irl. 2) shouldn’t be said irl or over the social media and 3) why even said. I believe that decency has shifted to the hate for “snowflake” thinking or safe space shaming. Like you’re an adult you shouldn’t need xyz and yes while being an adult means you can handle more than a child…it shouldn’t mean that I can withstand random people purposely making harsh remarks that have zero to do with the subject at hand. For instance, yesterday a Food Network recipe video featuring Chef Sunny Anderson popped up. Now the title did not intrigue me it was like cranberry stuffed chicken…or something but I was like. Let me check it out. Again, the recipe wasn’t my jam.. I was like naw…but kept in moving ..but the comments….a good majority had ZERO to do with the recipe. Now, someone saying that recipe is trash isn’t nice but it’s on point to at least the subject at hand. Most of the comments were on the chef and her appearance

I was like πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ why are we here as a society? I’ve never been one to say lie to a person but….this…like how? I remember when Chadwick made a video for Jackie Robinson Day and yes he looked gaunt, but his voice was strong and his message was beautiful. People were so cruel in the comments, if I’m not mistaken he deleted the video and later we would all find out that he would succumb to his illness. Then the outpouring of love was there…but he was gone. No one owes us an explanation when they gain or lose weight, lose their hair or anything else going on in their personal lives. We are so used to reality tv stars that we feel people owe us everything if their face comes across our screen. They don’t. We aren’t owed anything of the sort. Social media has us so connected that we feel we belong in spaces we actually don’t unless you’re invited and that includes someone’s health journey or life in general. I share what I want, when I want. That’s my right just like anyone else’s, but how do we get back to at least being kind? We hear all the time that this is a “Christian” nation (which I don’t necessarily believe but that’s another topic), but I don’t see many attributes of the Christ I’ve read about or known for myself.

Anyway, Im not saying I’m perfect, I joke with the best of them and looked at all the Nate Robinson memes, but I’d never go to his page and call him a loser. In fact, at this point I’m over his loss and curious to see what he will do after this. We all lose at some point most are in private. Could you overcome a public loss?

Anywho until next time be the best You, you’re supposed to be

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