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Look at Where You Want To Go

Almost every day when I go to check the mail Darren Jr. always asks to come with me. He loves to be on the go and loves to hold my hand and explore eventhough it is a short five to seven minute walk. As soon as we cross the door’s threshold he asks, “are we going to drive or are we going to walk”. He asks everyday eventhough he knows we will walk lol.

Last week his dad walked with us to get the mail, on our way back there was this cute little dog that came up to Darren’s knee. Darren loves dogs but is also a little skiddish, I reminded him that although the dog was small we don’t interact unless we ask the owner if it’s ok. The owner allowed the dog near Darren but when he saw Darren’s hesitation, called the dog back to him. The dog was very obedient. As we walked forward,Darren refused to look at where he was going. He was holding LaDarren’s hand and his feet were walking forward but his top half was twisted looking back at the dog, which of course caused him to trip over his own feet. Had he not been holding LaDarren’s hand this would have caused him to fall. I reminded him that His daddy was watching out for him and wouldn’t let anything happen to him. This did help him to turn around and refocus.

The next day per usual, Darren and I walk to the mailbox, this time there’s a large SUV that passes us and parks near the mailboxes. Darren, for some reason is very alarmed that the vehicle stopped and begins to ask me a ton of questions. Why did the suv stop, why is it not going now?

I tell him other people like to check the mail as well and we head to our mailbox, get our mail and prepare to leave. Darren is holding my hand, but again his body is doing this weird pretzel thing of half one way, half another and I actually trip over his feet! See as he was walking forward his path begin to intersect with mine because he simply could not see where he was going. He was so afraid of what was behind him that it caused real pain and confusion in his current path. I said Darren, always look at where you are going.

Then I fell the nudge of the Holy Spirit, literally my baby boy, was a representation of me in a crisis. Although I will hold God’s hand and even move forward if I keep looking back I will inenvitably cause disruption where I am going. Trust is not something you can do half way, you either trust or you don’t.

So as we are all still living through a pandemic and experiencing loss. Don’t forget to look forward. It is certainly ok to sit and reminisce of good times and even better people, but as a whole you have to look at where you wanna go.

Keep pressing!

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