Social isolation??? (Soulja boy voice)

COVID19 has been the biggest controversy of the…well my lifetime.I think the only bigger one might be 9/11. Conspiracy theorists have been making videos and posts non stop. Whether you agree where the virus originated from, if it’s as deadly as being reported or if you feel like big brother is overstepping, understepping or half stepping, one thing we can agree on…this has changed life as we know it.

Since I work remotely, I’ve had very, very little contact with the outside world over the past 7 weeks…wow …seven weeks that’s pretty crazy when I think about how long it’s actually been. With that deep entrenchment I didn’t realize how much I truly missed people.

I was invited to a social distancing gathering and my initial reaction was….girlllllll you’ve been quarentining hard. Should we peek our toes out into this new scary world??? But I’m so so so (did I say so) glad I did. It was less than ten people but for those few hours it felt like the entire world. I laughed…I laughed…I laughed. I spoke about the heaviness of the killing of Ahmaud. I watched Ms. Scott and Ms. Badu share their musical talents and I breathed life in deep. Deeper than I probably did before covid19. Life is so precious and while I think precaution is important during this time, the disconnect of people does have a profound impact on our psyche. Video chats don’t do it. They just don’t. Nuance is still missed.

I’m so grateful that I have people who I trust (because those ladies have also been quarentining hard as well) who think of safety of not just the physical but the emotional and spirtual as well. My soul needed this past weekend. While I’m not sure what the new “normal” will be, I hope not to go weeks and weeks without seeing good people.

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