The Gift of Imperfections

Do you know anyone famous? I’ll admit I’m a regular schemegular girl and most of my peeps are too. I found out today though, I, by 12 degrees of separation know someone “famous”. Want to hear a story…here it goes.

I love reality TV…like it is my vice. I personally don’t do drama in my life…but honey if it’s on display somewhere else I’ma tune in…I know, I know, not the best part of me…but it’s me.

Anywho, so I was scrolling through FB, and FB knows I love trash tv so they always oblige with random reality shows. Well I scrolled upon one I don’t watch…because honestly the only one I do watch is Love and Hip Hop ATL. And low and behold I saw a face I vaguely remembered. I was like ..that looks like….no way. And to the Googles I went and sure enough this girl and I had been friends in junior high. I hadn’t seen her in literally 20 years and here she was on the show.

Now of course I did some digging and saw all her social media. This woman is stunning, like beautiful. She’s always been beautiful, but now with a glam squad she’s really on it. I was like man she is really doing some cool things. She works in the industry, has pictures with celebs and I was like “ok!”…but then I saw her YouTube which documented all of her procedures (which she hasn’t had many, maybe 3). But I was confused….like she’s beautiful…shes young so what’s there to “touch up”. But she was candid and said she had some insecurities and that she is surrounded by beautiful women and wants to keep up.

I’ve never thought much about the pressure people must feel if lights and cameras are on them 24/7. I know some will say that they ask for this when they choose industry work..but man it’s hard not to wonder if they ever want to be just human again.

I’m 33. I recently took some pictures and while my smile is as bright as ever I noticed….my smile is deepening. I’m getting wrinkles. I’m aging and I can see it. It might also be lack of sleep lol but that’s another conversation.

But when I saw the picture, I was ok with it. The final product of course was touched up…but the original was all me. That’s a woman who has survived so much and I’m still here. I’m not here to say no one should ever get stuff done that’s not my cross to bear. What I am saying is…we are all human. We will age. We will have gray hair. My grandmother is almost 90 years old…and when I see her I’m amazed. Like how…how do you keep pushing through so much. How do you love yourself at every stage? Like truthfully, when I was in my 20s I had soooo much I wanted to change. And then after my second baby I praaaayed for that 20s prebaby or one baby borne body again. Lol.

But seriously how do we celebrate life. Life can’t always be youthful, right? So how do we celebrate the “Imperfections”? Are they truly Imperfections or are they just us being more human…I don’t know. I’m still trying to feel comfortable in my own skin too. Soooo here’s to all of us who are trying to love us more❤️

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