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Coping through Covid: Self-Care

Hey Beautiful People!!!!!

I believe we are on day 5747474 of quarantine lol don’t the days just run together? I literally am trying to remember that just a few weeks ago I was attending an International Women’s Day event…and now I’m at home pajama’ed up almost everyday.

With that being said I thought it was important to talk about what I am doing during this time for self-care Anñnnnd as an added bonus I’m linking my besties blog about her Self-Care tips as well. So here’s some of mine (in no particular order).

Video chatting my momma. As y’all know my momma left me to head West a few months ago. I was blessed to get an Echo show (two for the price of one) and can chat her up in better quality than messenger or duo. I love being able to see her face and show her the kids.

Just going outside. The first few days like probably, four days after we had our first confirmed case in AL, was the first time I stepped outside. My husband basically dragged me outside so I could feel the sun on my face and that was probably the BEST thing ever for my mental health.

  1. Therapy! Yes, I am blessed to be with a therapist and have insurance that covers videotherapy
  2. Date nights. The first couple of days were pretty hectic. Nights and days kinda merged together. And since everyone was home it was really difficult to get some couple time. So my hubby decided to have the kids go to the back at a certain time just so we could laugh at shows, share our day and plan our businesses.
  3. Social distance walking. My bestie and I decided to start walking (six feet apart) at least once a week. We tried to do video chats but it is not the same. So I’m glad that we decided to try and walk at least once a week. Being able to clown around has been a Godsend.
  4. Whats app, FB, IG- connecting to people via social media has been great. Sharing memes, laughing has also been a source of real joy…maybe a bit too much
  5. Online worship. I hate to admit that before Covid my church attendance was a bit…spotty this year BUT now that it is totally online I haven’t missed a service. Those messages have been really giving me some hope if you’d like to see some hope during this time click here

Check out my girl Dani’s blog here.

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