A long hiatus

I haven’t written a thing since late 2019. I can’t believe I’m already into the second month of 2020.

I’ve still been making y’all proud! I’ve been working on my other project Yes…I Have A Therapist, going to graduate school (again), wife-ing, mommying and just trying to get my life together.

I will do better about posting in real time about all the tidbits on what I feel Our Heavenly Father has been blessing me with…or as my pastor would say “breadcrumbs”.

In fact, my next blog will be about the breadcrumbs and how I believe it is important to listen to still small voice leading and guiding you. Do not be afraid, if it is telling you to do something that you’re feeling a bit unsure about. Move forward and let God show you the rest.

Until next time


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