DamnIt I’m Doing It- Dream Hunters (dream deferred)

So, those two sentences mean my life is about to change forever. I graduated from college in 2009…10 years ago. A full decade. I went to graduate school in 2011 for a Master’s in Public Administration. That was a second choice, I always wanted to have a Social Work degree. Unfortunately, there were few programs for working adults that allowed one to work and take classes. So, I chose MPA because it seemed closer to my dream essentially I settled.

I took a year of classes but decided to withdraw, because I decided to get married and move to Birmingham…and the journey to higher education haulted.

I gave birth to two more boys and settled into motherhood and married life. The dream never left.

Doing the work with Yes… I Have A Therapist, stirred something inside of me. My community needs more people of color in the mental health field. I want to advocate AND do the work…so

….here goes nothing!

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