See You Yesterday??

(written July 4)

Binge watching is something hubby and I haven’t been able to just sit and chill in quite some time. So today we’ve been able to just relaxe. We decided to watch See You Yesterday. So the premise of the movie is based on two genius level 11th graders who figure out how to time travel. After a tragedy the two attempt to go back and save a life. Interestingly enough, each time something else happens that either makes the save impossible or someone else pays a high cost.

So, it got me thinking. In my own life when I’ve made mistakes that I’ve wanted to change, I wonder how I would change as a woman…or even those around me. There are so many times I’ve had my issues with healing or reconciling my past.

This short movie had me thinking that sometimes certain things are supposed to happen…just the way they happened. I highly encourage you to watch the movie and think about some of the issues holding you back. Forgive yourself, heal and move forward so you can see a new you…today.

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