Damn It, I’m Doing It! Happy Juneteenth!

Happy Juneteenth!!!! Today is the day all the slaves finally found out they were free….two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Find our more information here

It’s amazing to think, that people who were technically free had not received the knowledge that they were free until so much later. It’s really poignant if you think about it…how are you living bound eventhough you technically have freedom?

Sis, you broke up with the narcissist a year ago and are still living in emotional bondage? You left that toxic job, yet you are still dealing with insecurities of your giftings? I know it takes alot to work through these issues, it is why I am a huge advocate for therapy. Do the work to get free. Freedom is worth that cost.

I have been guilty of holding to old destructive thoughts and behaviors as well. That is why Danielle and I came up with the phrase Damn It, I’m Doing It. That phrase has pushed us through fear and broken self-taught limitations.As we think of all our ancestors endured honor their memory by doing it….going 100 for your dreams, because I know that is what they would want.

Getting It Done,


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