Bc. Before Covid 19

My bestie and I are doing a joint venture on how we are coping with COVID19 or that ‘rona (the blackulary term). That blog is coming shortly but I just wanted to highlight some things I’ve missed doing since the world got flipped turned upside down….so here ya go

I miss NO social distancing. My bestie and I are huggers, we slap you on the thigh when we laugh. We high five… and last week we went on a walk 6 ft apart. It was good for being in actual contact but lawd ..I’ve never not hugged my bestie when we’ve seen each other in almost 17 years.

I miss basketball…who would have thought that I would miss being in gym weekend after weekend…but I do. I miss cheering for my boys, arguing with refs and man I miss seeing the boys play together.
I miss my granny. I saw her just last month but with everything going on..i sure would love to hug on her..

What are some things you miss about the normalcy of what life was BC? I’m not going to lie I never imagined my life being any different and I’m sure I took those small things for granted. I hope I never lose the gift of reality. The truth is we have very little control over so much and life is about what we do with WHAT we can control. What will you do differently? I know I am going to hug alot more.

Until next time!

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