The “d” word…

Depression can manifest in a few ways

  • Anger
  • Loss of sleep/sleeping too much 
  • Overeating/ loss of appetite 
  • Loss of concentration 
  • Saddness spells that last more than a few days
  • Thoughts you maybe better off dead

There are a few other ways but in my ordeal with depression and pregnancy it’s mostly very,very dark thoughts and crying spells. What makes it worse is usually I try to hide the fact that I am so sad…which means I’m reaching out near crisis mode.

As I’ve stated before I looove being a mother. I just dont love feeling or being ill weeks at a time. That really messes with my emotions. I’m a pretty independent person so this Hyperemesis gravidarum diagnosis has been hard. 

I don’t throw up everyday,  but I still throw up.every two to three days,  its exhausting. I’ve tried to stay positive and carve out some devotion time (which usually helps me to feel better. But I’ve been slacking in that area too. 

I did join a support group for women with HG which has also helped me not to feel so isolated. 

I also started sleeping on the couch, because being in bed kept me cut off from the family.

Ive also been honest with my husband about days when I feel sad,  he’s been a great help to me. So, having a place (or in this case a person) to be completely honest has been so freeing. 

Do you battle depression? What are some ways you cope?

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