I’m still here!

I first must apologize for again leaving this page dusty! It’s been a whirlwind of events since November 2 (my last blog post). So..

Here I am!  So we last left our heroine as she quit second source of income,  but acquired a new debt. Well…..two wks after that I found out that I was/am pregnant.  Yep!  CHANGE is the only thing sure in this lifetime. The boys have nicknamed the baby “Tiny Smith” until we know the gender. Everyone is team pink….except dad 😂. Im excited but nervous. I was diagnosed with HG or (hyperemesis gravidarum) which is NOT morning sickness. But almost like a severe allergic reaction to pregnancy. No one is sure what totally causes it, but it sucks.  I have a mild case meaning I’ve not been hospitalized(but i have been to urgent care) and im on two antinausea medications. Which i might add have not completely stopped my nausea or my vomitting spells. Im 14 wks and I am nauseated 24 hours a day BUT only actually get sick 2 to every 3 days (i was getting sick 10 to 12 times a day). Before medication I couldn’t eat or drink anything, absolutely  nothing stayed down. Now…juice and teas will stay but not water or milk. Yes….i have been unable to drink water and not get sick since I was 6 wks pregnant. Im 14 wks. How am I alive lol. The juice and tea keep me hydrated some..and no I cant drink powerade or Gatorade either. No…ginger, sugarless gum does not help. Eating small meals does not help. Medication, rest and prayer have been the only thing keeping me sane. And honestly the first 4 wks i was severely depressed. I was in bed every single day, i did manage to work but it zapped every ounce of strength I had. I couldn’t cook, clean..play with my kids. Anyone who knows me knows I spend tons of time with my boys…so that was really hard. I plan to really dive into my depression battle next post. Until then………

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