Blog Like Crazy  (See Jane Write Challenge) Day 2

I’ve been utterly consumed and worried the last…week and a half. I quit a job that I had been at for almost three years (I’ve blogged about that in my 100days of fear-less). I started working a new job (which builds on old skills, but also challenges me, which I like, but can be intense). I took on another part time job one week after starting the other new job…and then I got news that my husband’s schedule might be changing…which means I had to let the job go…that I just got 😣 PRESSURE.

Then…after quitting said job on my way home my car malfunctions and almost leaves me stranded on the side of the road. After.i. just.quit. another.source. of.income.

$ dollars bills, loot, boots, treasure….

And so…car shopping I went with the hubby. We technically had been looking for a new car because…I had a Jetta (Etta the JETTA to be specific) fitting 3 boys and a grown man in that thing…was like a magic show each time. But etta was paid off. Owned. Nice. I wasn’t trying to kick her to the curb…and again. BETRAYAL!

Any who, found the car. Love the car (pathfinder whoop whoop) hate the car not (wonk wonk wooooonk). I’ve been really trying to do the math in my head like how can I not feel pressure about adding this note. I’m still working part time..making part time money. Still making it but..I’d be in a super awesome position if I could find another job to make up that gap. But until then…

I can’t drown myself in my thoughts or worries. I have to trust that this blessing (and I so believe it is a blessing) will not be a burden.

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