Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom-Brianne Patrice

​Wednesday has become my favorite time of the week. I absolutely learn so much and I hope you do as well. 

I “met” Brianne Patrice,through See Jane Write.  See Jane Write is a networking group for female bloggers, journalists, creative writers and  small business owners. 

If you remember in my blog I mentioned investing in yourself. See Jane Write has totally changed my life. I am surrounded by women who uplift and inspire, it’s free of egos and that lead me to have the confidence to ask some of the fellow Janes for interviews. Brianne Patrice was my first Jane that I chose. I chose her because her personality literally beams off the paper, also her blog is full of extremely helpful tips. 

Here’s some words of Wisdom from Brianne Patrice…

Women are badasses. We are loving on our husbands, feeding our children all while running fortune 500 companies & slaying in the process, Why should I be any different?

What was the inspiration for your blog? What keeps you blogging?

My entire life, particularly these last two years, is the reason that I blog and it is the reason that I keep blogging. I was told that I simply could not do it. That as a mom, I was not allowed to dream and that because I choose to complete school as well as career chase, I was a bad mom. And that was insane to me. I spent years trying to get my daughter’s “nana” to like me and I just do not understand what it is about me that causes her to have such hatred towards me. So I became obsessed with trying to get her to like me, and it was like the harder I tried the more her hate for me grew. And I thought maybe, just maybe we were breaking ground after my daughter got sick. But then she turns around and makes the decision to fight me for my parental rights. Like who are you? And I don’t discredit all the help she gave to me and her son during our time of need, but does that mean I shouldn’t be allowed to mother my child. Then I found myself homeless because of it all. As if life wasn’t already stressful or frightening enough because my once perfectly healthy child is now fighting for her life, now I have to battle you in court and now I have to worry about where I am going to sleep at night. So I started my blog. I wrote even when no one was listening and I allowed myself to heal. And I keep writing because I want other women to see and know that if I made it through they can too. I mean its 2016? Women are badasses. We are loving on our husbands, feeding our children all while running fortune 500 companies and slaying in the process, Why should I be any different?

How have you expanded your original vision for Brianne Patrice? What are your future goals?

So briannepatrice.com is actually only about 3 months old. I started under I Am Woman (now offline) which was more inspirational than lifestyle. So when I started two years ago, I had no plan, no real structure. I just wanted to write. I wanted to live out my truth. But as I have changed so has the need of my blog and the needs of my readers. At first, I was telling a story. I was telling my story; I was showing you how to heal. And now, I’m showing you how to make your past; your struggles work for you. There is a lesson in everything; I always knew I wanted to an entrepreneur. Was I expecting to take such a drastic road? No, of course not; but who does? Instead of looking at your circumstance like a problem, ask yourself what is in you that God is trying to pull out of you cause that’s all he is doing.

My future goals, I want to venture into public speaking for one. And for two, I want to write a book. As far as the blog is concerned I want to work with national brands like Target, Forever 21. 

And overall, I want to help women live out the best possible version of themselves through life lessons and practical application.

How do you define success? By that definition are you successful?

By my definition, no I am not successful, but I feel myself getting closer to it. The biggest thing for me is financial freedom; to spoil my babies, retire my parents, pay off my debt and just live freely. I do, however, consider myself to be partially successful in the fact that I haven’t given up. And that I am happy. And not everyone can say that he or she is doing something that they love.

How did you build the confidence to step out and really own what you are doing?

I want to say it was forced on me in a sense; like it was now or never. So obviously I chose now. I chose myself.  And it hasn’t been easy, I have cried a many of nights like “Lord, I can’t do this”, but my dreams are bigger than me. This assignment over my life is bigger than me. And I am obligated to fulfill at all costs. Know and understand, that it doesn’t matter what you do or say there will ALWAYS be that ONE person who will find fault in everything you do, literally everything; but the problem isn’t with you, its within themselves. Once I accepted that level of thinking it became easier for me to just shrug things off. And once you’ve accepted, it’ll be easier for you as well.

What are somethings you learned along the way that you wished you’d known from the beginning?

The biggest thing is to not compare yourself. And stop trying to hang with the cool kids all the time. Let your work speak for itself and you will begin to attract the right kinds of people. 

What is your process for writing?  Do you have specific topics or do you let it flow?

People ask me this all the time; my friend Christena joking refers to me as “Brie the poet” lol. I don’t have a set writing process. People will ask and ask and ask for me to teach them, and I just can’t. I’m sure there are some out there who can? But I cannot. My friend Joi Miner is a  machine and she is one who can show you a process; I just write what I feel. And I don’t stop til my heart tells me too. As corny as that may sound, I am an emotional writer. If I’m not feeling it, I don’t write. And I think that’s what my readers love most about me. My soul has to literally be attached to the words in order for me to put it out there, for it to be right. And if its not right, I just put it down and come back to it. Which often times leads to a complete rewrite. 

The biggest thing is to not compare yourself. 

How do you differentiate yourself from other bloggers?

First of all, like I’m not trying to keep up with them. I am moving at my own pace. If that means I’ll be a late bloomer, then fine. I love and respect all of my fellow bloggers, those I know and don’t know; but I have to find my own way just like they did. Secondly, I think my writing speaks for itself. (and i’m not saying that I’m some world class writer), but I wholeheartedly believe that my writing voice is strong in itself. And that other’s can decipher between something I’ve written and something someone else has written.

How can someone read your materials?

My blog is the best way and truly the only way to find me; unless you follow my instagram then you might get some random, but meaningful ramblings.

Do you offer any services? (If not what services would you like to offer in the future?)

I do have a 90 day coaching program called, Live a Life of Confidence.

I am willing to speak at your next event.

I just started creating marketing strategies for other other bloggers/businesses, I’m working on a couple right now.

And I have my very first ecourse called “Branded” that can be found at briannepatrice.teachable.com.

More classes to come. I am now mentoring someone, so I am open to that as well. And I create content for companies, Switch was the first I worked with. Now Royal Cup Coffee and I’m hoping that I’ll be gaining some more soon.

See what I am saying! How could you not be inspired. Her transparency and strength is so uplifting and welcoming. Like I said earlier, I have learned quite a few new things about blogging since I’ve started following her. Please follow and support! 

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