Women of Wisdom- Mindy Santo

Today is a special day, not only did I get a chance to interview another member of the Glitter Tribe, it’s Women of Wisdom Wednesday and….it’s this beautiful lady’s birthday! 

Mindy has motivated me to really change the way I buy and think about my relationship with food  (although it’s not the  only  thing I’ve learned from this brilliant lady). Please hear some words of wisdom from Mindy…

How did Mindy Santo go from the individual to a business?

I’m still an individual-the business evolved after I left my corporate world: I was working events, installing Christmas décor, a nanny, and organizing. But I kept migrating towards food and how it could heal, I really couldn’t shut up about it and my friends took notice and encouraged me to share. Others eventually realized what my gifts were and how I could help them and I’m still evolving. 

My business is definitely an extension of me 😉

How do you separate your who, from your do (your title vs identity).

 Wow, they’re so intertwined. At times I try to check out of the doing to recharge, but it can still permeate my who. I’ve learned when to set boundaries. My do fortifies me right now, so I’m not being so strict with it.

What inspires you?

 What a vast question, I could go on, and on with this! I’m sure I’ll think of something after I send it to you. 


  • Henrietta Boggs and Malala 
  • the outdoors and viewing stars in wide open spaces-bucket list Northern Lights
  • watching people do what they love living out loud and unapologetically 
  • sustainable living 
  • food: sourcing, cooking, preparing, and eating the whole shebang 
  • being treated to a meal or drink 
  • commitment 
  • smart design 
  • good-packing snow 
  • water from lake to sound to ocean 
  • mountains
  • good humans

What are your goals? 

I’m getting better with goal setting. For so long I used to feel tied down by them, they felt almost finite. But now, I frame them differently, they’re dreams, asks, phrasing as if they’ve already happened:

“Speak as if it already exists. Act as if it’s already yours.” Source: Shinetext

I’m currently working on my dream chops, they need some work!

 If you had one super power, what would it be and what would you do with it?

Dream Grantor/Giver/Benefactor (not sure which one to use!)

I need to build this muscle, when I encourage others to believe, that benefits me too.

Help them believe it happens, and spread the word.
 Explain your process for creating your content. 

Listening in general, and to those in my target audience. I just recently discovered who they are, which is so satisfying! Realizing I have kindred spirits who want to hear about my experiences, struggles, etc. They may impact somebody else’s life, and help them along the way so I need to share.
What does your ideal reader/subscriber look like? What do they get out of your site? 
Mainly a female base, although along the way I’ve gained some male newsletter subscribers who are concerned about their eating habits and are looking for new ideas, or they want to do better. My newsletter subscribers are looking for tips, recipes, guidance, ways to leave less of an impact on the environment. They’re also looking for someone they can count on and trust, I’ve created consistency by delivering to their email inbox each Monday before lunch. At first it was hard to follow through, but now I look forward to it.

How can someone reach you? 

I built a website to start my blog, find out a little more about me, and sign up for my newsletter. 


My email address is mindy@mindysanto.com

You can also follow me on Instagram @mindyjosanto

And, Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/mindysanto3/


Do you offer any services? 

Yes, I offer one-on-one coaching, ½ or Full Day VIP Experiences, and speaking to groups. 
Isn’t she just fabulous! I’m telling you from experience she knows her stuff be sure to check her out!

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