100 Days of Fearless (updates)

So….I started my new job this past Monday. And each day I challenged myself to try something new, to ask questions and to exercise self care. As I am writing this I am taking a ten minute break from the kids (who have recently started sibling bickering and have been working at it like they are training for the Olympics). So…instead of fussing at them for fussing at each other for the millionth time today, I left them with my husband, came to my room and read my devotion and decided to write this blog.

One month ago I wouldn’t have done that. I would have felt guilty and tried to stick it out, but what I’m learning is…taking time out is absolutely necessary. 

So…back to fear-less. I applied and interviewed for another part time position  (and was offered the position!), I took full on initiative at my new job, tried different routes to work (might not seem huge, but if you knew the level of anxiety breaking routine causes me..lol you’d be congratulating me). I introduced myself to new people. 

I even told people I write…which is huge. I haven’t considered myself a writer…not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m not published. Maybe it’s because I haven’t bought my website yet….I’m not 100 percent sure…but..in order to live outside my comfort zone I have to fully live in my truth. I write….I’m a writer.

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