Jumping out the window

So, when we last left out heroine, we saw that she had made her job her God. If you haven’t read Job is God, please read that before you continue.

As I stated, Sept 9 (yesterday) I would start my 100 days of fearless. Now, I will do this a bit differently. I don’t think I have 100 fears, but I do have some of the same fears that hold me back. Those will be what I work on over the next 100 days.

One fear I tackeled yesterday. I left a situation where I couldn’t grow. I left when God said Move and said do it quickly. I can’t tell you how exciting and scary that entire thing is. I had NO backup plan…I literally jumped and didn’t look back.

The great thing about this is, it gives God the glory. I can’t say I did this, I brokered this deal. Nope. I started with nothing and God brought me not just something but a wonderful opportunity. 

But I had to move first. My fear was, “Did I really hear from God?”. Sometimes I question that, I don’t feel “spiritual” enough to really hear from Him. But we all have the opportunity, He is always speaking.

In my next blog, I will highlight my fears and how I’ll overcome!

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