Women of Wisdom-Kimberly L. Willis

I met Kimberly a few years back in college. She has always had a warm and inviting presence. Life has taken her to various places, but we have been able to keep in touch via social media. When I saw that she had a book coming out, I had to catch up with her.

Please meet Kimberly L. Willis….

Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to writing this book?

I would really describe myself as a person who is a deep thinker and loves to write. My parents are an integral part of who I have become because they were active in the holiness church/early Pentecostal movement. A love for Jesus was always embedded within my heart, even at an early age. I always craved the “fire” of God, and I wanted to see a deeper side of him.

Ever since I was young, God has instilled the gift of writing within me. Throughout the years, I have always been commended for my writing. It seems as if the writing comes from another place, and it does. My writing comes from the realm of the Holy Spirit. The urging of the Holy Spirit has brought me to writing this book. The Chosen is destined for a time such as now; for spiritual warriors who are unsure of their calling in life, or those who are searching for answers.

Your work is entitled The Chosen: Signs & Wonders Experienced by a Prophet of God. What do you feel you were chosen to do and why?

I am truly humbled by what God has chosen me to do. I feel that I am a Kingdom writer. God has chosen me to write for the Kingdom of God. I have had several encounters where I have been given a quill pen by God’s angels. Also, I have had visions and dreams where God has laid out the plan for my life. I remember one instance when I was standing in my kitchen one morning. All of a sudden, I was “frozen” or “slain” in the Spirit. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t do anything! I heard the audible voice of God, and he revealed my calling to me, right there in my kitchen! That day I was introduced to a world I knew existed, but never had the chance to experience. I was afraid at first, but now I am at peace with who I am. My primary gifts flow in the areas of healing, miracles, and wonders. I am a prayer warrior, and I have seen and done many things in the spiritual realm. God has chosen me to explain who he is through my penmanship. He wants to let his people know who he really is. My messages are not “sugar-coated”, and at times, they can be very convicting and “raw”.

Do you think purpose is something you seek out or do you think it’s something that finds you?

Everyone has a purpose. It is my belief that one has to find who he or she is in Christ. We are all destined to do great things for the Kingdom of God. With prayer and fasting, God will reveal this to us. I do not believe that anything is an accident. If something has been embedded for your heart for a long time, or you have a passion for one particular thing over something else, then this is a “clue” to your calling. The nature and magnitude of our gifts will be revealed to us when we stay in the word and trust in God. He will never lead us astray!

As a parent, how do you help your child find her purpose?

As a parent, I constantly pray for my child. I pray to God that he will grant her discernment daily, and that his Spirit will rest upon her throughout the day. I often ask my child what she wants to do. However, my first resort is to take my question about who she is to become to God. I ask him to reveal to me what she is to do for his Kingdom. As a result of my asking, when I watch her growth, there is always a trait or characteristic that stands out in her spirit above the rest. As a parent, those are the areas that I invest in and encourage her in. My daughter loves to sing and dance and play music. She reminds me a lot of King David! She loves to sing to the Lord, and she creates worship songs for him. Therefore, I encourage her in the musical arts instead of in something like gymnastics, that is not related to her gifts. I also instruct her on prayer. Prayer is powerful and effective! I teach my child to pray, and I often tell her that God is the only person you can always go to for help. He blesses us with amazing people in our lives, but ultimately he is the author and finisher of our work. So, I tell her regardless of what she does, to always remember the Lord and put him first in her life.

Where can someone purchase your book?

People can find my book on Amazon.com. I have also completed a second book entitled, I Declare That Christ Heals Thee. This book is on healing and receiving your healing from God. Both are available in Paperback or EBook via Amazon. You can search for the book titles, or my name, Kimberly L. Willis. If you purchase a book, a review would be great! This helps me gain traction in the Amazon Marketplace. Reviews are much appreciated by me!

Can you talk a little bit about the process of getting the book published. was there anything that was a little bit discouraging? How’d you overcome that obstacle?

I am a new author. That is a struggle in itself, because no one knows you or stands by your work. I read a plethora of books about self-publishing, and read many articles online about the topic. I feel that it is really important to fully research your venture before you dive into it. I do not want to create books that are not a good representation of who God is. Therefore, my perfectionist side comes out, and I can get a little bit technical about how I want to present things to an audience. All I do is for the glory of God, and my books have to reflect that.

A major challenge was not knowing where to begin. However, it is a process of trial and error. I am gaining my bearings in the self-publishing world. I will only get better in time. God did not want me to go the traditional publishing route. So, I had to cater my business to become its own brand, which is Blinged Out for Christ.

Another major obstacle is the “time” invested in your business. My ministry is called Blinged Out for Christ Prophetic Ministries (www.blingedoutforchrist.com). It is very time consuming to constantly create blog posts, update social media platforms, and write. You must set aside time to promote your business and work on it. It is a reflection of God, and one should truly invest all that they have in bringing honor and glory to his name. I often write for thirty minutes each day before work, or before I go to bed. The point is to write, every day! You must not stop on your mission, and God will give you strength to battle through your hard days!

What are some of your plans for the future, any more books in the works?

By the grace of God, there are many books in the works. I just released my second book, I Declare That Christ Heals Thee. The books to be released after this one are Raising Prophetic Children and The Holy Spirit: The Fire of God. I have a backlog of books that are being edited at the moment, and will be released in the next coming months.

Can you speak on any influences, specifically positive women, that helped you become who you are today?

I have met many inspirational women in my life at different seasons in my life. I have met major prayer warriors, pastors, and Saints of God. The challenge in this field, is that we are women. Sometimes, it is hard to be taken seriously by men of God. They may feel as if women do not belong in the pulpit. However, the Bible tells us that, “and it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” (Acts 2:17, King James Version). I have had many women encourage me to go on with my mission, regardless of the roadblocks that may stand in my way.

At one point, I wanted to go to Bible College and become a Chaplain. I was blocked on many fronts by men (pastors of mine) that did not want to write a recommendation for me to go to Bible College. God saw the desire of my heart to follow him, therefore he gave me another avenue to get the message out. I am truly dedicated to the calling that is placed on my life, and I will battle the power of darkness for the remainder of my days. As the slogan for my company says, “I am Blinged Out for Christ”! And I am truly loving the direction he is sending me in to reach the masses.
If there is anyone that has a prayer request, they may submit it to me on my website at blingedoutforchrist.com. There they can fill out an online form, and we will come into agreement in prayer for healing and restoration. I may also be reached on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: blingedoutforc
Facebook: Blinged Out for Christ

Instagram: blingedoutforchrist

YouTube: Blinged Out for Christ

Special Thanks:
I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with you and your audience my mission and my works. It is truly a blessing to know you, sister in Christ. I pray that you will be blessed as well as your listeners. May the grace of the Lord be upon you always!

 I hope you have been inspired by Kimberly and all that she is doing. I am just amazed and moved by her spirit! Please support her endeavors, purchase her book, like her FB page…just support!


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