When Job Is Your God

This is going to be one of my most transparent posts I’ve ever done. This is not meant to bash anyone or anything but to simply be a life lesson. A lesson I am sure some of us have been guilty of doing.

Making something your identity and thus your god.

I started HER, because I wanted to have a place to dream and encourage others, but in actuality I was in one of the  darkest periods of my life. I think the decade of your 20s is such a confusing time. So many people act like once you graduate college life should just fall into place. But…there’s so many twists and turns

Now in all honesty, my journey hasn’t been as hard as others but there have been many detours.

I am going to be real and say…yes having a place of employment is important. Money is a tool and for most people money comes from their place of employment. But for some***cough, cough me** their job becomes their entire identity. They sacrifice time with family and friends, their health…they will go to bed thinking of it. Wake up thinking of it. It becomes the subject of every conversation. It’s what you tend to talk about when you meet new people…It. the job becomes your all.

Now granted I am sure not everyone does that…but I know I have …and do you know what happened?

My body betrayed me. It started having physical reactions because I was  putting every ounce (and not in the trying my best way, but in the I have nothing left to give way). I’ve been to the doctor twice in the last week.

I was afraid to make changes because what would that mean?….

I am now in transition

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