100 Days of Fearless

August 18, 2016 I put in my three week notice at my job. I had no plan other than trusting God and the calling I felt in my soul. Growth hurts. Growth is scary, but it is a necessary part of the process.

I had lost myself and my purpose and I wasn’t sure which direction I should go. Blessings to my soul four years prior when my husband and I dating I actually made a good great choice in my life partner. When I told him that I planned on quitting my job and the state of my anxious heart and mind, without hesitation he gave me his blessing.

I’m realizing fear is a prison of our own making and..I am ready for freedom. 

My fears really center around 

1. The imposter syndrome 

2. The martyr syndrome

3. What people think  (people pleasing) 

4. Negative self thinking and talk.

My goal over the next 100 days is to tackle each of these categories. 

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