Investing In Yourself (with limited funds)

So, if you’re like  76% of Americans you are currently living paycheck to paycheck (CNN Money).  This means that literally every penny (not dime) needs to be accounted for each month.

This might sound crazy, but the first step to investing in yourself, is to invest in your own savings account. It is nearly impossible to start investing in yourself if you’re barely making ends meet.

The first step is to make a budget. Do you know how much you spend on your bills?  What about other bills that can vary each month (entertainment, groceries etc)? It is important to know where you can cut costs and send that extra money right into savings.
If you have the opportunity have a select amount of money sent directly into savings.

Another painless way to save is to use the Digit app. It can save as little (as low as 5 cents a day) or as much as you command it to do. It also sends daily texts telling you what is in your banking and Digit account.

The idea is to get you into the habit of saving, the amount doesn’t matter when you’re first starting out.

Another great way to become financially empowered is to follow experts.  I currently am a Dream Catcher, women who have decided to take the Live Richer Challenge by the Budgetnista herself, Tiffany Aliche. All of her materials are extremely affordable and I have utilized her tips to really pad my savings.

After you start your savings and research a variety of ways to diversify your funds we can look at some other ways to invest in yourself in an affordable way.

until next time,

count those coins!


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