Working Women’s Network- Coach Q

Before marrying my fitness focused husband I worked out simply to lose baby fat…that was it. But I’ve begun to take my health seriously, because it’s not simply about fitting into a dress..it’s about the overall quality of life. When you enter the health world you are introduced to like-minded individuals.

Enter Coach Q.

She has been transforming attitudes and bodies and her results are undeniable. Let’s hear some of her words on health, attitude and taking care of yourself in a holistic way.



Tell us a little bit about your background. What inspired you to jump into the world of fitness?

In Jan 2012 (198-200lbs) My church went on the “Daniel Fast”! I had been having chest pains prior to (the fast) and noticed once my eating changed I began to feel better! So for 21 days I decided to exercise while doing the Fast and lost a total of 16lbs! Ever since then I have been EVERYTHING HEALTH & FITNESS! From CURVES FITNESS CENTER for WOMEN to PERSONAL TRAINING & BOOTCAMPS, and NOW MIXXEDFIT (DANCE FITNESS)!

Having a dream can make you a target for some “naysayers”, how did you overcome any negativity to reach your current goal?

Lol… This humors me because I was pregnant at the age of 13 and had my daughter at 14! “Naysayers” are common in my life and to overcome them is simple…THERE ARE ONLY 2 OUTCOMES SUCCESS AND FAILURE! EITHER WAY THEY BOTH REQUIRE EFFORT! So as long as I continue to TRY(putting forth an effort) I OVERCOME


There is a myth that black women hate to work out or won’t work out. How do you combat this myth and encourage women, especially black women, to take their health seriously?

In any and everything you do, you have to have a “WHY?”. I simply ask what’s THEIR reason for wanting to workout. A lot of times people are driven by the scale, occasions, holidays, and the beach(lol). All of that is fine, but when the focus is redirected to health issues that may be in THEIR family (diabetes, High Blood Pressure, breast cancer, etc.) that’s when it becomes REAL and we take our health SERIOUSLY! Not to mention reaping the “sexy”, “fine” “girl you look amazing” compliments that come with WORKING OUT!


Anyone can see that you are in great physical condition, what do you do to nourish your soul?

FIRST AND FOREMOST WITH PRAYER! NO STRENGTH, NO IDEAS, NO ANYTHING comes with HELP FROM MY HEAVENLY FATHER! With that being said I EAT OF THE EARTH! Whatever GOD CREATED and put here for us to EAT I EAT IT…lol.. I LOVE MY FAT FOODS, but I look for HEALTHY ways to make them! Don’t get me wrong I will have me some FRIED chicken and some KRYSTAL’s (Chili cheese PUPS) but I don’t eat that EVERYDAY!
* Ground Turkey
* Flounder
* Chicken
* Spinach
* Rice
* Potatoes (Baked French Fries)
* Grits
* Pancakes those are just a few things I eat but trust me it’s not eaten the way you think

What’s next for you, what are some of your future goals?
Nothing major at the moment, but I really would love to expand “Fitness Junkies” as well as my new found love with MIXXEDFIT and continue to help change and save lives!!!


In any and everything you do, you have to have a “WHY?”.

How would someone be able to join one of your classes? Do you have any classes online?

Simply email me at fitnessjunkiesllc@gmail.com or inbox me for BOOTCAMPS and Personal Training Or inbox for those who are interested in MIXXEDFIT DANCE FITNESS CLASSES 

I do offer online training which includes meal and workout plans! When followed to the “T” you get maximum results, but I only advise this for those that are self disciplined!

How do you balance all of your various roles?

There’s really only one role to balance and it all evolves around being “ME”! I look at my clients as my “BIG BABIES” so they get “ME” just like my daughter does!


Inspired words-leave us with some advice on perseverance…  

Don’t go into the journey with a scale mindset and don’t think because you’re “BIG or FAT” that you should STARVE YOURSELF! I always ask my clients “Which takes more gas an 18 wheeler or a Honda?” “When you shop does the RACK ask you HOW MUCH do you weigh?” In others words eat MORE of the right foods and STOP looking at the SCALE and you will be WELL on your way to accomplishing your FITNESS GOALS!

As you can clearly see, Coach Q is a force! It’s not simply about changing your physical appearance, but also about expanding your mentality. When you begin to really start making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen…it is truly empowering. As a woman I know how difficult it can be to put yourself first, but sometimes in doing so you can literally be choosing life over death.

Choose life, loves!

Until next time,

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