Working Women’s Network-Monica 

My belief in God hasn’t wavered not one bit.  Because The ALMIGHTY is running this, I’m just a vessel.

I “met” Monica through a mutual friend, Danielle,  who lives near this area. I was so impressed by her vision and her spirit. Between getting MHC After Hours Computer lab up and running and all the things she does for the community, I was humbled that she took the time out for this interview.  Please Meet Monica Hunter Collins 

MHC AfterHours Computer Lab the inspiration…. 

 My story: I was 26 years old with two small children. I had a job interview in a neighboring city. I had only $10 for gas; so I couldn’t go to the local library because they charge for printouts. So I decided to go to a nearby church. Once I arrived at the church a lady came to door. I asked her did the church have a computer. She stated yes.  I told her my situation, she responded and asked me was I a member of the church, I replied  no.  She “baby, I’m so sorry” (and I was unable to use the computer lab).  Long story short I didn’t get the job.

 Imagine that happening to others whom lack the resources of computer/internet. That’s how MhC AfterHours Computer Lab came to be. We provide free computer/internet access to the underprivileged youth in Historic Selma,Alabama. 

What potential do you see in the city of Selma? What are some benefits to living and working in a smaller community? 

The potential I see is that former citizens will come back and make a difference. Some benefits to living and working in a small community is everybody knows somebody.

What has surprised you  the most since starting this journey?

What has surprised me is that everyone still hasn’t accepted this afterhours computer lab.

How has your belief in God helped you as you developed your nonprofit?

My belief in God hasn’t wavered not one bit.  Because The ALMIGHTY is running this, I’m just a vessel.

What is your hope for your after hours computer lab to be?

My hope is to put satellite locations throughout every rural community

Do you have events as well?

My last event was Back To School Supply Day, Saturday July 23rd.

How did this non profit align with what you feel is your calling in life?
It align with me because I too didn’t have computer/internet access growing up.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

I hope my legacy is that children/adults know I did my part.

HER Words-Seeing a need in the community and working to meet that need, is a common theme in HER. We are here for a purpose, even through pain or rejection…the story doesn’t start. It might be just the beginning. 

Keep pushing!

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