Working Women’s Network: Keri Riggins

Keri is an author, a natural hair vlogger and a great example for all things that are black girl magic. She along with Erica are panelist at the Naturally Uncensored Natural Hair and Health  Expo.

I was super excited to interview Ms. Riggins and to hear more about her journey to become an author.

Please meet Ms. Keri Riggins…


Give us a little background behind writing the book.
Hair Like Mine is One of a Kind is every little girl’s princess fairy tale. Although, the underlying message of self-love is vibrant throughout, the book is a portrayal of accepting and nurturing not only hair but seeing self in a loving image. “In self-love we all are limitless” ~Keri

What inspired you to write?
Growing up with seven beautiful auntie queens; I always had the princess, girl power, black girl magik in my spirit. However, the first aunt I lost (Audrey, who is also who the character in the book is named after); had visions of a series of books catered to little brown girls. I’ve always been a dreamer from poems at the age of three, to make believe friends; but never thought of being an author, not to mention a published one. A spark of confidence led me to begin the journey of a book in dedication to my late aunt.

What was the process like and how did it feel finally holding the finished product?
At first my only goal was to carry this message for my aunt. I didn’t care if I never sold a copy as long as I finished the book. The day my first shipment of books arrived… I opened the box and tears of happiness, relief and success seemed to be endless as I danced and they rolled down my cheeks! Lol All I could think of is my aunt grinning from ear to ear.


What have you learned about yourself after becoming an author?
I have learned that we all have so much to offer the world but it’s truly up to us to nurture and share. Becoming an author has given me the opportunity to not only create a perspective but touch other’s lives and provide a staple of hope and encouragement; a way of life.

Why do you think it is important to have diversity in storytelling?
Storytelling creates awareness. It shapes and builds a platform for development and understanding in every aspect possible.

What does this do for the youth?
It provides adequate growth. With growth in the right direction, comes maturity and success: personally, mentally, physically etc. which leads to prosperity.

Do you think it does anything for adults as well?
I have learned first-hand of many little girls and adults facing insecurities involving their natural being. While, surrounded by society’s politically correct synopsis, it’s almost impossible as a child to cherish what they naturally possess. So, Yes! Growth and awareness are ongoing and are not limited to age. The capability to thrive in diverse situations measures the amount and ability of success in any situation.

You’ve been featured on a few sites (such as Mixed Chicks and had sponsorships- congratulations by the way), what has been some of the feedback from your writings?


Thanks! Initially, I was anxious to see the reactions from the little baby queens. However, I’ve received more feedback from mother’s/young women and their relatability to the actual underlying message and how much our society needs this message.

How has that (the positive feedback) inspired you?
It has inspired me to keep dreaming, learning, growing, sharing and building and never giving up or settling on anything I truly believe in.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a published author?
Development is the key. I would encourage them to have a solid synopsis/foundation and summary in mind and research/explore options. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, as long as they stay inspired and don’t give up.

Where can someone purchase your work?
Hair Like Mine is One of a Kind is available on Amazon.com

What are some of your upcoming projects and how could someone support your efforts?
Hair Like Mine is One of a Kind is the first book in the book series from The DeGeia Collection. Each book in the collection will focus on key characteristics that provide instant fun and growth to young girls. The next book is currently in the works!

Spreading the message to others especially our youth is the best way to support my message; the more people that are aware, the more successful the journey.

What do you want your legacy to be?
As I mentioned before I grew up around strong and beautiful women that defied odds in so many ways and instilled so many strengths in me. The ultimate success begins with self-love and awareness… once that is learned it’s up to us to share it. I strive to be just that, a vessel to every soul I meet in sharing knowledge, ideas, and encouragement.

Whether it’s via a book, Facebook post, three minutes in the grocery store or a lifetime friendship- my goal is to provide the positivity, love and light both taught, learned and experienced to the world in hopes that I may too spark consciousness and ambition in others.

I hope you are inspired to keep your dreams alive. Maybe, like Keri, your dream centers around keeping the memory of someone you love alive. Maybe your dream is to leave something for your children…Maybe it’s just to satisfy your soul’s calling. Whatever it is, stay focused and most importantly get to work!

Until next time,

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