I Support Me-Investing In Yourself

When I launched HER a year ago. I was blessed to have a friend of a friend design a logo for me.


I was so elated and grateful (and still am) for someone to believe in me and take their time to design something for me. They had no clue what or if this would mean anything. BUT it meant the absolute world to me and really pushed me to start this.

As I have made the conscious decision to really change how I see myself, I knew it was time to rebrand.

I contacted a local graphic designer and here is the finished product.


This was a sacrifice, I had to move some items around in my budget to get this done. Currently, HER is only a creative outlet, but I’m working on what my expansion is right now.

Maybe you’re not a blogger. Maybe you sew, dance, draw, do photography.  Whatever the outlet is, use it, enhance it and cultivate it.

The next step in investing in yourself is knowing you are worth the investment. Be who you need to be, to get things done.

How you decide to dress, talk,write etc…determines how people see you. Now, I am not advocating changing yourself to fit someone else’s definition of success. I am saying that you should look the part.

Are you a person of your word? Do you meet deadlines? Do you have a business plan and/or goals?

If you don’t have those basics together,  it is going to be very difficult to get others to buy into what you are doing.

You have to be your first supporter and that comes in you paying with blood, sweat tears…..

Until next time,

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