Invest In Your Dreams

If you don't invest in YOU,others won't either

So…you’re not a millionaire…you may not be a thousandaire…if you’re like me you could have just enough to be content but…not quite happy all the way.

You can still invest in yourself

Whatever your bank account is..and believe me I’ve been at the poverty line (from 2009-2011, I made $10,000 a year and I had a newborn baby). During that time, I made use of all the support I could get. I had to go back to work 5 weeks after my son was born. Daycare won’t look at a child who is under 6 weeks old..I had a best friend who was a stay-at-home mom who I paid to watch baby boy until he was about 8 wks old.

Even during this time I didn’t stop dreaming and even went to grad school for a year (the program wasn’t for me, but it set up a good foundation of never quit).

Those are just a few examples of investing in myself. HER..this blog is another example of investing in myself. I worked as a case manager for years seeing clients come in with dreams, but unsure of how to accomplish those dreams. I was able to connect them with resources and watch how they came alive. Now that I am back working with youth…I see this same concept. Most people just need a little boost to take them to the next step.

But..there is a cost to following your dreams.The number one thing I am learning is..I have always had some form of excess cash..even if it was just $20 left after my paycheck. It could be $5…whatever.

Excerpt from the book Believing Bigger by Dr. Shante Bishop..PLEASE support her book is amazing!

Secondly, if you have poor money management skills making a million dollars a year will not change that. You will just have a deeper money pit that you are digging for yourself.

Finances can be a huge source of frustration and fear. *raises hand* Hi, I am Renee’ and I dodged that bullet for..years.

The purpose is to get you to see the opportunities in what you do have instead of focusing on the lack.

Over the next few weeks, I will focus on how to invest in yourself if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and lower middle class. Then I will talk about investing in yourself if you are middle to upper middle class. I am working my way out of middle class lol so that’s as far as I’ve gotten. BUT I’ll share what I know.

Until next time……keep grinding!

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