Working Women’s Network-Daphne Pollard

Usually Working Women’s Network has the title of the business or organization that I am highlighting, but when dealing with an entrepreneur..they are the business. From now on I will list the ladies names just like I do for my Women of Wisdom segments.

Ms. Pollard is a phenom. She inspires, she creates, but most importantly she elevates. It is vitally important that as a community we support one another and when I see someone in the community actively engaging people, I am drawn to that.

Let me introduce you to, Ms. Pollard


Describe your journey to become an entrepreneur.

I believe that I was born an entrepreneur. The journey for me has been more about finding the things I wanted to brand. At a very young age I remember always taking charge of things, organizing my friends, creating clubs that included paying dues. This was in elementary school. I would also make my family members sit and learn what I was taught in school each day.
Entrepreneurship  was seemingly wired into my DNA.

What is your vision for your business? How has that vision evolved over time?

My Vision is to create something powerful enough that if someone copies it, it would benefit us both. It has totally evolved. I went from a Natural Hair meet up in a space for 150 in 2014 to entering into my 2nd year of a Natural Hair and Health Expo at one of the largest facilities in the city, and I am now giving women advice on how to start an expo in their own cities.

What was the inspiration for Natural Hair and Health Expo? Where can someone purchase tickets?

The inspiration for me came while modeling as a hair model for the Bronner Bros hair shows. I would go to a place where there was a plethora of information, thriving businesses, and women who were ready and willing to do what it took to receive the knowledge that they needed in order to better run their businesses; but when I would come home, this was non-existent. Like we were light years behind. Young girls hated their natural hair and just did what they saw on TV and salon owners did not extend natural services. So instead of me continuing to ask why we didn’t have one. I decided to create one.

Tickets can be purchased at



What was one piece of “advice” did you have to disregard to pursue your passion?

That I needed to have job security. If I spent my life trying to gain job security I would have never pursued my passions.

What has inspired you more, tragedy or triumph? why?

Seeing triumph in my tragedies is what inspires me. In every situation that is considered a tragedy you really get a chance to learn more about yourself in ways you wouldn’t know without the tragedy.

What advice would you give to someone that was afraid to step out of their comfort zone?

I would first ask them to figure out why they were afraid. Finding out the reasons why a person is afraid will give them an opportunity to create a strategy. Once the why is discovered, my advice would be to think of what they want to remember when the time comes for them to depart from earth. Will they want to remember the things they did do or the things that they didn’t do. The choice is their’s.

Do you think women are more likely to be supportive or to see you as competition? How do we build community over competitiveness?

So far I have received a grand amout of support. I believe that I am more likely to be supported by women. The way we build a community of support over competitiveness is by creating avenues for everyone to be able to show their strengths and talents. If we just so happen to have some of the same strengths we must then work together to expand and reach even greater ground.

The more people we reach the more room for everyone to shine. When you are a woman or person who is sincerely about growth you will choose support every chance you get.


Who has been one of your biggest supporters? What did you learn from them?

Right now my boyfriend and my sister are my biggest supporters. But in the beginning of my journey  I would have to say my sister. She always went above and beyond to help with anything I needed to make my events a success and then she would turn around and pay at the door.
I learned from those times that I was more than a sister, I was a business owner no matter what my relationship to people were. And that made the difference between supporters and users.

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