No one is coming to save you. Iyanla is not coming to fix your life. You can use books, this blog, friends…whatever as a tool to get you to the next step. None of those things in and of itself will change your life. Changing your life starts with this-choice. You choose to actually change your life. You get fed up, you get motivated…you get busy.

I read an incredible story (Because of Them We Can) that really clicked with me. Sometimes God will just throw out little hints and other times something will hit you right in your heart. That story hit me in my heart. I know in my head that I have to be the one to start moving, to take my dream and make it a reality, but sometimes..if I am honest I do wish I could just connect with someone else and assist.

I like to assist. I love to help and to cheerlead others and I think I am very good as a supporting character. The issue with assisting, is that  it gives you an excuse to not take control of your own destiny. You are tied to someone else and what their focus is. This is not to say that you should never help anyone, but it is to say…STOP hiding.

Stop cheerleading everyone else on while you sit on the bench. GET UP NOW. Right now. While you are reading this. Get a pen and paper (yes old school this project) and write out a plan. Write out deadlines. Write out your dreams, because you are responsible for your dreams being fulfilled. You. There is something that only you can offer to the world. Believe that. Let it sink deep into you. Because honestly, I need you. I am constantly motivated by other people to do more and to seek more. We need each other. The community of women who support one another while actively chasing their dreams.

We will finally be able to just save ourselves.

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