Women of Wisdom-Erica

I believe it is important to surround yourself with people that inspire you, who challenge you and make you want to be better and do more.

My social media world is filled with people that I really feel are all doing amazing things. I purposely make my social media world safe and inspiring.

I saw Erica’s work on social media (she is a hair stylist) and was drawn to her not because her work is phenomenal, but the overall vibe that came across through a few pictures and words on a screen. I really wanted to interview her and peel back a few layers.

Without further ado please meet Erica,


What (or who) inspired you to do the work you re currently doing?

Honestly I can’t say anyone inspired me to become a stylist. Doing hair has always been in me. I started at such a young age and it all flowed so naturally for me even back then. I can say, however, working in salons over the years there are stylist that inspired me to be the best at what I do and to learn as much as possible. Celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen is probably the most influential stylist I can think of at this point in my life.
How do you define beauty?

I define beauty as being fully comfortable with you! Whatever size, shape, height, hair length, skin tone, etc. you may be. Simply embracing exactly what God gave you. I’m also a firm believer that you are most beautiful when you are at peace within. That comes from self-love and confidence.
Who were/are major influences in your life and why?

I grew up very old school in my early years. Coming from Mississippi I learned almost everything about womanhood etc. from my grandmothers. They taught me how to work hard, take care of my home, and be responsible.

What is your ultimate life goal and what steps are you taking to ensure you will meet that goal?

My ultimate life goal is to become an on set stylist as well as own natural hair salons around the globe. Right now I’m in the ground works stage. I think that it’s important not to rush through each layer of success. My main focus at this point is to pay attention to the small things like being consistent with the quality of work I’m doing on clients versus trying to take as many clients as possible each day…. Also managing my finances properly and maintaining a healthy work/life balance so that I don’t get burned out early. I pray to have longevity. It’s easy in the hair business to get blinded by income and I think that’s where a lot of stylist go wrong. Staying in a constant state of quality work and learning new methods is what I believe will allow me to achieve my long term goals. I also see a product line in my future.

When do you feel the most free and why?

I feel the most free, honestly when I’m in the salon with the music going doing what I love. My clients give me a lot of trust and free range over their hair so it allows me to be free and at ease. I’m able to do what I do unrestricted. Other than in the salon I feel extremely free in nature. I love both water and land. I feel one with my creator on beaches or near flowers or trees.

What’s one piece of advice you try to carry with you?

Colossians 3:23-24 [ Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.] Excellence in everything you do!

 Can you share a time in which you overcame a fear?

I suffer from anxiety …. My biggest fear is failure… Whether it be failing at motherhood, failing to execute a style, or failing to meet certain short term goals I give myself. I feel like every day I rise and face life I’m overcoming a great fear. Every time I conquer a task set before me I’m overcoming fear. Living understanding that you will make mistakes daily and still choosing not to give up or run from adversity is the most fearless thing we can do.
 You do such beautiful work, how could someone contact you if they wanted to schedule an appointment?

I can be contacted on Style Seatwww.styleseat.com/ericaezell or by phone 214-793-0164 as well as emailErica.Ezell2008@gmail.com


How awesome is she? Be sure to check her out!


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