Let Me Introduce Myself……


If you are still following this blog, you know I’ve made a few promises. I promised to start up with more HER challenges and also to introduce myself..and I’ve done neither.

You may be wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks and honestly, I’ve been wondering that myself. I’ve been battling exactly what do I need to say? What do I need to write about that might pique your interest, it’s why I’ve interviewed people that were inspiring to me. But..in all honesty I hid behind that. I hid behind all the great women I’ve interviewed, because I started to question…what have you really done. So, instead of this just being about the mountain top, I think I will make this also about my journey. My journey to really seek out my purpose, to embrace it, to walk in it and to begin transforming my thoughts into actions.

So, who am I? I’m unsure, honestly. I’m a wife, a mother….but those are titles..not really who I am…it’s what I do. So…who am I?

I don’t know…let’s find out together


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