What now???


So…. I graduated from college cum laude (I am not saying this to brag, but to simply paint a picture). I got a really great opportunity to gain some real world experience as an AmeriCorps VISTA ( if you do not know what this is please look into it. it totally gave me an edge in life) and now have had I think a pretty successful career in the non profit sector.

But what now? Like I am almost 30 and I am not quite sure if this is how I thought my 20s would end. I mean, I don’t know exactly what I pictured, but I don’t know if this is it.

You know when you are younger…you see life..and all it’s possibilities and it excites you. The older you get the more you are likely to wonder if this is where you are supposed to be. Or at least everyone I know seems to question that. Like…where do I go from here.

Honestly, Since I was in junior high this was my plan. My plan was to get my Masters in counseling and open up my own place and have a flexible schedule that would allow me to really spend as much time as I needed with my family. That hasn’t quite happened yet. The road to my master’s has been a bit bumpy and I just couldn’t commit to staying on that path at that time.

So here I sit wanting to do more and just at a crossroads. I am praying for direction and have been for awhile. One of my friends told me 3 years a go writing is my gift. I enjoy writing, but I don’t know if what I really want to say is conveyed in the right way….so until I “get it”, I guess I’ll just write what I have on my mind and what I am doing to get to the next spot.

Right now I am reading a book entitled Start with Why by Simon Sinek. I hope it will help me refocus. I’ll probably put little tidbits I am learning along the way.



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