Women of Wisdom-Kayla


I met this young lady through my professional life. She was a student in a substance abuse prevention program and I have always noticed a strong sense of “self” in her. She always seemed very comfortable in her skin and just had a wonderful and open spirit. Recently she produced and directed a video to empower black girls. For more information watch Black Girls R Us  I am extremely proud that I have played any part in her life story. Without further ado…please meet Kayla

Explain where you draw inspiration from? Is it important for you to draw inspiration from a creative space and if so why?

I draw inspiration from my environment. Black Girls R Us was inspired by conversations with my little sister. No, I don’t believe that I have to draw inspiration from a “creative” space so to speak because, the work I’m looking to do is in response to issues our community is facing. I want to be able to see something I think needs to be changed and then shine a light on that through my artistry.

What has been the hardest transition from childhood to adulthood?

Personally, the hardest part about the transition from childhood to adulthood is having to manage my finances.

  Name 2 women that had a lasting impact on your life, what would you say to them today about how they changed you? In what ways will you pass along the information that they taught you?

 My two grandmothers have had tremendous impacts on my life. Everything they’ve done has been with style and grace, two qualities I hope to acquire. I thank them for raising me to be the courageous woman I have become, and I am externally gratefully for their endless support.

 If you had the ability to “do over” a mistake in your life would you? Why or Why not?

 No, I have no regrets. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I think the creator has put me on this path for a reason. I wouldn’t want to risk changing that path.

How do you maintain a sense of your true self in a world that is telling you to be something different?

It’s definitely difficult. I journal very regularly and I make sure to check in with myself. I sometimes have to ask myself if I’m doing something for me or because its what someone else wants me to do. But I think asking myself these things and checking in with myself makes it easier to stay true to who I am becoming.

 How do you define success and do you think you are successful?

 I think success and happiness and synonymous. At this point in my life I do consider myself successful and I believe that success will grow as the years go on if I continue to follow my path.

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