Sabbath Session 1-your focus

Sabbath is a time of rest and reflection. Sabbath sessions will be my chance to review the week, talk about my focus and send you a challenge.

In my dream wide awake post, I asked abour your “soul scream”, the dream or desire you had that just would not go away. I hope you really took the time to ask yourself that question.

Can you see your idea, your passion? Is it so real to you that if someone was to walk up to you right now you could quickly articulate your vision?

If that answer is no, then we have some work to do! I fell in love with community service at a very young age. I always felt my happiest talking to people, encouraging them and working along side them to get a project done. I knew I wanted to help people. That concept is extremely broad. But at the time I was happy with the broad focus because locking down to one thing made me nervous.  What if I failed?  What if I put my all into this and I hated it.  The decision to keep it broad had nothing to do with my calling but had absolutely everything to do with fear.

Let’s review those thoughts,  what if I failed? What does that even mean, when I said failed…how could I fail at something that really had no legs to begin with? My focus was so broad and unfocused that anything positive that happened would have looked like a “win” even if it had absolutely nothing to do with my overall passion or purpose.  The inverse would have also been true, anything negative would have looked like a “failure” because I didn’t narrow down my focus enough to know what elements to truly be aware of.

what if I hated it? What does that mean? Would I hate the process? Working for someone else? What would I hate, especially since in my heart I knew women and children were always my focus. I knew what I wanted to focus on…the how to turn focus to reality elluded me and that’s when doubt settled in.

This is why having a mentor is important,  some one with wisdom to guide you (I hope women of wisdom will encourage you if you dont have a mentor).  But ultimately you must find the courage to move even if you might be the only one to see it.

In my next post I’ll share steps to move forward.

until next time dream wide awake!

*HER Challenge- ask three people what they believe your giftings are, see if it matches what you feel in your own Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Sabbath Session 1-your focus

  1. I thought it was interesting that the gifts I think of were not the gifts the women shared with me. Most of their gifts were the same and made me rally think about my gifts. I wonder how many people see their gifts differently than what other people do?


    1. Great perspective. I’ve always been told that your gifts are something we tend to overlook because it comes so naturally to us; we essentially take it for granted. I had a coworker talk about my ease in front of the students and how I get them to open up. I never really saw that as a skill. I saw it as just being myself

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