Motivation in the Mundane

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I really struggled with what to write about today. I really want to motivate you, inspire you and just create a really awesome space for you to come and get fired up about life..but in all honesty there are days that just drag on. Days that are filled with laundry, and work that are piled up to here. How do I find motivation then, when life is just not exciting?

GREAT question! I find myself thinking things are mundane when I am not challenging myself. If I just want to lay around in pjs and watch tv and shake my head at the house work I KNOW needs to be done, or when I am at work and I see hundreds of emails that need answering and all I really want to do is listen to Pandora and Facebook. How do I challenge myself then? Easy, I start thinking about my goals. I challenged you last week to really sit down and think about your goals, your passions and find ways to challenge yourself daily. Challenge can sound like such a huge word, but in all honesty it can be something as simple as, I will answer as many emails as I can in 10 mins and then break. Or will set my alarm and clean this room for 15 minutes. Those minutes would pass regardless of you actually setting that challenge or not…so why not set the challenge?

Today is a day of not much excitement for me (and that’s ok), but I did fulfill one challenge and that was me blogging.

Whenever you feel over or underwhelmed remember to keep everything in perspective. Have a plan, push yourself to complete a challenge and watch how simple daily challenges begin to shake up your world.

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