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Women of Wisdom-Veronica

So, as promised here is my first Women of Wisdom post! I am very excited to tap into the minds of some ladies I truly admire. This first lady I’ve known for a few years and have admired her from the very beginning. She has always been a pillar of faith and has inspired me on my own journey. She has encouraged me and supported me through some very interesting times. Our talk centered around her own vision for herself and how she feels God is leading her. Please take some time to read some of Veronica’s thoughts.

i am

How old were you when you first felt a calling on your life?

I want to say thirteen, but in actuality it was sooner. I remember mentioning to a cousin that I thought a birthmark on my neck was a crucifix, that God has called me for something special and I distinctly remember her laughing at me and said, “yeah right.” I was embarrassed and began then to hide this feeling. It came rushing back when I had this dream at the age of 13 which led to the first time I was baptized. I say this now but had no idea what a “calling” meant and truthfully, I am just getting a practical understanding of it now and not the ‘religious’ label of this term.
Did you have a mentor? Yes…many.

If you had a mentor, did this person seek you out or did you find them?

I felt jilted and forgotten when it came to having a ‘personal mentor’. I thought it was supposed to be like Elijah and Elisha walking and talking together or the Moses/ Joshua situation. ‘Why couldn’t I have had someone to give me a personal guided tour’ I would question God (in my woe-as-me, angry voice). But as I was looking, looking, looking for my idea of a mentor, I overlooked and undervalued the ones standing right in my face. I was able to see some of them for who they were at the time, but most of them I‘m just recognize now. But as I know what a ‘mentor’ looks like now, it helps me to receive them presently. So that’s my short story made long to say “no” I didn’t have to find them, God always had a way of knowing just where I was (and am) lol.

What was one hard lesson you had to learn?

The only thing God is asking of me is to receive His love and rest in it AT ALL TIMES. (Heb. 4) …aka that I had an unhealthy relationship with pride…I say ‘had’ loosely as it looks for every opportunity to rear its head.

How do women not get lost in their roles as mothers and wives?

The only way for this to be avoided (as I have experienced) is to remain in I AM… I am just learning/ understanding this. What I mean by this statement is purpose and position are two different things. Our purpose will never change, but we will and are empowered to operate in various positions to fulfill our purpose (calling). And the only thing we are called to do, our purpose is to be easily transformable conduits of God’s love…allowing it to freeing come in and flow out. Operating as I Am is saying you accept God’s name and the power attached to that name to operate in the position for that season or what that present moment calls for (ex. I am teacher…I am mother…I am wife…I am ____). (I Am=is our calling/ purpose/ who you are designed to be and mother, wife, teacher, housekeeper, social worker, prophet, apostle, etc. are only positions) Oh the stress and mess I could have avoided if I did this from the beginning to date.
Do you feel you are true to the calling on your life?

The question causes me to laugh out loud (no disrespect intended). “Am I true to my calling?”…lol…I can say honestly I am true to fighting God the whole way to date as He unconditionally, unrestricting-ly , and with great determination uses every opportunity to show me He loves me above all things. And only by His mere mercy and grace do I allow myself to receive a mere portion of that love. But as scripture says, faith by faith…

How do you help other people especially women, recognize the calling on their lives?

By recognizing and responding to my own, which is as stated above, receive and rest in God’s love (here I can reside in peace). I know this may sound a bit generic, but the truth of the matter is unless I am in Him…I know nothing, I can’t hear Him, I can’t see Him, or Him in others or the enemy in others… and there is no way the blind can lead the blind. Only in peace do I gain access to His power. I have to be connected to the source. Not for me to help them, but to act as a conduit, a portal (so to speak) to allow God bring to Earth what is already done in heaven.

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