Dreaming Wide Awake

Have you ever felt like there was something else you were supposed to be doing? I mean this is a very simple question- are you walking in your purpose?

Now this may seem like some touchy-feely out of touch mumbo jumbo, but I assure you there is a longing in your spirit for something greater than what you are currently doing. How do I know this? I’ve talked to too many people from all walks of life to know this to be true. We all want our life to be meaningful. That feeling of meaning usually is in direct contrast to our current circumstances. This can be soul-draining.

By no means am I saying quit your job, travel the world and let your bed be wherever your head may lay, but I am saying take small steps today to quiet that soul scream inside of you. If you want to design your own clothing; challenge yourself to sketch an idea two times a week. Start small, but START.

Don’t wait until you get married, until you have kids, until the kids are grown, until you’re at a better paying job……..


Life goes by so quickly and your gift, your voice, your talent is needed..not tomorrow but today. 

Dreams are the breath of life,



2 thoughts on “Dreaming Wide Awake

  1. Great blog Nee! I’ve been having “that feeling” for a while now. The feeling of knowing that I should be doing something greater than what I’m currently doing. I just don’t know exactly what it is yet. Lol!


    1. Well try to find something you’re passionate about that you could latch on to. What stirs your soul? What makes you angry..that’s where your passion lives.
      How I found my footing was through HIS, knowing I wanted to connect, but didn’t know exactly how. Sit quietly and see how you answer those two questions it will help identify where you should focus. Good luck


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