Death is Rude

Last week… (I can’t even believe it has been almost a week) a person who was a mother figure to me passed me away. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of death. One minute someone is here and the next time they are gone. This is not my first time dealing with death, but for some reason this one just really hit me in my gut.

We talk of the future like it is such a sure thing. Next week I’ll do this, next year I’ll do that. But nothing is certain. Death is rude. It doesn’t care about plans or how much someone was loved. It doesn’t care if you’ve made amends, it still comes.

I pray I have a long life. I pray those I love have one too, but if not I want to know that I left a mark. That I left this world empty. All my giftings were shared and utilized to make this place better. That my legacy (my children) go further than I do.

That is my hope and my goal. My promise to myself is to stop letting anxiety stop me from fully being me. I hope that’s your goal as well, really embrace the path God has for you and push forward.

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