A Place of Her Own: Prayer Closet

Hello Young World!

I am back and back with some updates. On March 30, my bestie Dani and I attended the B1-4-1 Women’s Empowerment Social. When I tell you it was amazing!! It was amazing. Being in that space with women who only want to share their knowledge and uplift each other was truly wonderful.

One of the sponsors was Lorenda, who I interviewed for my podcast Her Talks back in October listen here.

Lorenda is one of my favorite people simply because she truly is genuinely nice and always so warm and welcoming. At this event I felt so led to find a place of my own…and this is where DaniGee the stylist and designer comes in. I trust Danielle explicitly, she knows what I’ll like before I do. So I told her my vision and she helped me gather all the things that made it a reality.

That prayer room has become such a solace for me in a house of men and sports. It is my place of peace and where I gather my thoughts. Having a physical place to meet with the Most High has been amazing and truly transformative. I also got to experience this with my big boy Daniel who helped me paint.

If you’re needing an upgrade to a space or wardrobe contact Dani at danigee25@gmail.com.

You can also see her version of the makeover HERE at her blog.

check out the process

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