The Look Back- The Story of Lennon

Lennon-Monsta number 3 of our 4 us hoopaz team is a unique kid. Literally the day he was born he looked at every person that was talking in the room…every single person. When he was 2 he would literally be able to tell us where anything was that we misplaced even if it was out of his eyeview. If he saw where it was before he would use his photographic memory to show us exactly where it was.

He’s a stoic kid…but he’s 100% a mommas boy…why am I describing him in such a detailed way? Well, simply it’s because so many of my black boy joy segments focus in on my big boys Daniel and Landyn, so i don’t feel like he’s been properly introduced.

Lennon gives me hope all the time, he always makes note of any change I make, hair, shoes etc.

I feel that each of my children were placed in my life to teach me various lessons. I feel Lennon was the fulfillment of a promise, he was born after my ectopic pregnancy. He’s a reminder that I am not forgotten by God and he shows me how to overcome anxiety.

Remember Lennon is my anxious child, he doesn’t like a lot of attention, but he’s truly gifted. He shows me in the flesh what my doubt looks like and how to overcome. When you see that kid in the picture you see him exuding confidence because my husband and I constantly work with him to encourage him. As he grows he is truly growing into himself.

What do you use as a reminder of your inner greatness? Who encourages you?

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