I’m Wealthy in What Matters

The past few weeks have been…let’s say a growing in God experience… i.e diffiCULT.

My husband randomly got a herniated disc by simply playing with our three-year-old…this man who squats a zillion pounds and deadlifts a zillion and two pounds let a 40 pound, 3 yr old pull a disc…all kidding aside he was hurt.

Days prior our vehicle just…died.. RIP lol out of nowhere. We have to be a two- car household. So trying to figure out how I’m getting to work and how the boys were getting to school was a bit of a balancing act.

I was like God…I’m tired

But I had to think… although my hubby’s back was out of commission, it was only for a little while. We had extra money to get a rental car until we got the car fixed.. it wasn’t that bad just more of an inconvenience.

It’s times like these that I realize I’ve lost focus. Things are tools, that shouldn’t define my existence. I realize the need for transportation, but what that looks like can vary and this is what the focus should be. Focusing on my abundance and not my lack. Health and love although intangible are also invaluable. I live in a home of love and respect. I have a true partner in my husband. My kids are healthy. I’m truly wealthy.

3 thoughts on “I’m Wealthy in What Matters

  1. I just enjoy the gift God has blessed you with. This blessed me on so many levels. You’re the prototype of a real friend and genuine child of God. Love you!!


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