No News November-wellness

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I have been using other mediums to get my thoughts out, but writing is my first love.

This past week was really hard. The news cycles had so many horrific things to share and honestly it was starting to affect me.

I already stopped following the news stations via all social media, but after this week I’m muting all discussions about any news for the next 30 days.

I need to be solution focused and when my emotions feel like a yo-yo I’m unable to think clearly. So, I’m using the next 30 days to see what I can actually do about what I’m seeing and hearing.

I’m participating in the Blog Like Crazy Challenge with the See Jane Write crew. While doing this, I’ll be researching and sharing what’s happening locally to combat what I see.

So for me, no news is good news.

4 thoughts on “No News November-wellness

  1. I’m here for this all day ! Proud of you ! As you know for me it’s not just the news it’s any discussion that has the potential to be triggering . It’s our job to protect and preserve or our emotional spaces so that we have the wherewithal to do what you’re doing which is finding the clarity to actually come up with solutions. Yay renee !!! ❤️


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