Working Women’s Network- Ashley and JAMM

My “home” city of Montgomery, has really becoming a wonderful place for women entrepreneurs to take root and grow. I am always so excited when I hear about women who are walking purposely into their talents and gifting. Today’s WWN interviewee is no exception.
Please meet Ashley:
ashley and kids
Ashley I see that motherhood and previous military service really inspired you to go that entrepreneurial route. Explain how those two positions prepared you for JAMM.
I want them (my kids) to see that if there is no way sometimes you may have to create your own way!

Motherhood! Isn’t it a beautiful & scary thing! I have an 8 year old & a 15 month old. Motherhood makes me want to be the best Ashley I can be. No one gives you a manual on how to be a parent, it’s all trail and error. By God’s Grace I’m now able to be flexible by going down the entrepreneurial route.

In my 11 years of the military I learned a lot! My Roles while in the military were Supply Specialist & a Human Resources SGT. With supply/logistics I had to be organized, precise, and detailed oriented. As a Human Resources SGT, I was always updating soldiers information and following up with them making sure they submitted documents from military schools, birth certificates, and etc.. I can say that unknowingly the military really shaped me with the basic work ethic and initiative that it now takes for JAMM to be successful.

You are a certified virtual assistant. Tell us a little bit about what that entails and what led you to this space?
Well a Virtual Assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. By being a Certified Assistant, I just go an extra step to show my clients this isn’t a hobby for me. I’m so serious about it, that I took an extra step to become certified.
After I decided to leave the military I knew that the civilian sector (job wise) would be different. Whew! was I in for a surprise. After applying for several positions and not having one single person call me for an interview or go to an interview and sweat my cell phone for a call back. It was CRAZY!
I have a B.S. in Business Admin/Human Resources Management and I thought that would have stood for something and 11 years Human Resources experience, NOPE! I was so fed up that I told myself I had to do something to generate income. I was an online student working towards a MBA and spent most of the day on the computer. The word “virtual” kept lingering in my sprit. One night my mom called and asked me to create her invoice, I think I did it in less than 10 minutes and she was like I bet people would pay to have things like this done. The rest was history after that! Before that night we had never heard of a “Virtual Assistant” God is GOOD!


Why would someone need a virtual assistant?
If you’re a small business, start up, entrepreneur, or home-based business and need reliable support while not yet able to hire a permanent employee, then a virtual assistant would be a great benefit to you. Even a single-person operation can use an extra hand. Virtual Assistants are a great resource that you should know about.
From data entry to event planning, live phone support to schedule management, are VAs are available to support. Try us for a small assignment and see if we can lighten your load.
How do you make sure your voice is not only heard, but respected in your area of service?
To be honest, I don’t have to say a word to be respected in my industry. My work speaks for itself. I was so afraid to step out! I asked myself who’s going to take me seriously? I had just started and had no credibility! But my God! God put me in a bracket of my own and the word spread like wild fire! In less than a year, I’ve served over 15 clients, 10 of those being long term clients!
Try us for a small assignment and see if we can lighten your load.

When you first started JAMM did you imagine that the company would have grown into what it is today?

I had no idea that JAMM would be half of what it is now, being that my 1 year mark will be October 2018! I’m so excited to see what this year has in store for us. I know it’s going to be Virtually EPIC!
When you become a mother, you almost automatically start thinking about the legacy you will leave behind; what do you want that legacy to be?
Yes, again motherhood brings on emotions, thoughts, and a fire that you never knew you had. I want my kids to remember that their mom never gave up on herself or them. I want them to see that if there is no way sometimes you may have to create your own way! Not only do I want to leave a legacy, but I want to leave legacy wealth.
ashley alone
How can someone get in contact with you?
FB: @jammresourcesllc
IG: @jammresources_llc
Isn’t Ashley wonderful? Isn’t it amazing what God will use to thrust us into purpose? All those years of experience God knew she needed to start her own business and not to work for someone else. Check out Ashley and her client reviews. They are absolutely raving about her work.
Let’s support this mom and mogul into her next steps!
Oh and Happy Anniversary JAMM!!!

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